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Did you know that when it comes to learning, intelligence is not fixed? It can be increased? This concept of growth mindset in educational psychology was championed by Stanford researcher Dr. Carol Dweck in the 1970s and has since revolutionized how we think about intelligence and ability in children.

What is a Mindset Anyway?

A mindset isn’t just an idea or theory; it’s actually something that can be fairly well measured through tests. A person either has a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. You need to understand these mindsets for this course rather than remain locked into thinking that your abilities are limited only to what you are born with.

Growth Mindset v/s Fixed Mindset!

In a fixed mindset, people believe that their abilities are carved in stone – that they can only go as far as their intelligence will take them. In other words, when faced with the task of learning something new, even if they’re excited about it, people with this mindset believe that “This is going to be too hard for me” or “I won’t be able to perform good at this.” It’s like an internal alarm clock goes off when they face challenges or setbacks; telling themselves things like, “You tried your best but you didn’t make it.” People with a fixed mindset often give up on difficult tasks because they view mistakes and failures as very personal and permanent.

When it comes to growth mindset though, individuals believe that intelligence and abilities can be increased, rather than being a fixed measure. With this mindset, people know that even though they might have a “bad day” at work or school – where their performance appears to drop – they won’t panic because they’ve always been able to overcome these kinds of challenges before, and therefore will do it again.

Mindset is Important!

We all know that mindset is important. The growth mindset is something we should really take into consideration in our daily lives, but how do you get started? Many of us are stressed with busy schedules and activities which leaves little time for anything extra. However, the benefits of having a growth mindset outweigh any obstacles you may face! Read below to get started on your journey towards maximizing your potential.

1) Implement the 50/10 Rule

How many times have you been engrossed in a book or studying when suddenly someone interrupts you for some reason? Ever had a moment where you lose all motivation to continue what you were doing? This happens mostly because we tend to make a task more daunting than it needs to be. For instance, reading an entire textbook within a day is not only nearly impossible, but it’s also not efficient. You’ll lose all your motivation and interest after reading for a few hours, especially if the material isn’t interesting to you.

To avoid this issue, you should implement the 50/10 rule. For every 50 minutes of studying or working on a task, take a 10-minute break to recharge your mind and body. Our brains simply cannot function efficiently when we’re tired!

2) Find Your Motivation

When doing any activity outside of our daily responsibilities, we need to find some form of personal motivation for getting it done or continuing onwards. A great way to do this is through my favorite saying “do it for the gram.” Social media may seem like a time suck, that’s why this ‘Minset Launch Pad’ course is there to help you out.

3) Change Your Language

What do you tell yourself on a daily basis? Do you use words like “failure” or “problem”? Well, those words are only hurting your chances of maximizing your potential. If you’re always saying to yourself that something will be difficult, you’re probably right. Language is very powerful and can either motivate us or kill our confidence.

Here’s another example. You may have heard the saying “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. This message is so powerful because it motivates us by making us believe we can achieve great things if we take the first step. So next time you want to give up on something, think about how many steps it has already taken you! You’ll feel more motivated as a result.

4) Visualize Your Goals Regularly

Visualizing your goals regularly will help keep yourself focused on what matters most in life. The word visualization is no joke; the mind cannot differentiate between an actual experience and a visualized one. This can also be related to dreaming, but here’s the difference: Visualizing is much more detailed than dreaming because you actually picture how something will look like when it happens (e.g. take that vacation in Hawaii). The more vivid your thoughts are, the better chance you have of achieving anything in life!

5) Create Your Plan of Action

Creating a plan of action can help keep yourself motivated throughout your journey because you always know what needs to be done next. When you lack motivation, this is where all your effort goes towards maintaining it. Everyone has their own way of making plans; some people write them down while others may just brainstorm the steps in their head. This is not a “one size fits all” type of advice, it’s more about finding what works for you and sticking to it.

6) Enroll in a Course that Motivates!

This can be extremely helpful because having someone guide us through the journey makes the process much less daunting. They will motivate you whenever you’re feeling down and ensure that you’re on track throughout your entire journey. Think about how much easier life would’ve been if one of our ancestors had a mentor helping them out along the way! So help yourself by getting a mentor who has been there before so they know exactly what to say to keep you going.

What does this Course Covers?

  • How To Change Your Mindset For The Better!
  • How To Improve Your Life With A Growth Mindset
  • Quick Guide On Why A Growth Mindset Is So Important
  •  Examples Of What You Can Accomplish When You Have A Growth Mindset!

Take Action!

Are you ready to start living a better life? The first step is completing this course so head on over! You’ll be happy to know that not only will you learn awesome material but there are exercises to keep you on track. Growth Mindset LaunchPad will give you the resource to accomplish everything you’ve always wanted, this course is your gateway to growth, all it takes is action! 

What Will I Learn?

  • You'll learn strategies that you can start using today that will bring you so much closer to your end goal.

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