Master Emotions – Declare Happiness And Satisfaction In Life

Learn To Declare Happiness In Your Life By Mastering Emotions, Language And The Body From A Leadership Life Coach


Master the Emotions!

Emotional intelligence is something that most people can benefit from. Emotional intelligence relates to how well you manage yourself, your reactions, and your interactions with other people. 

Emotional intelligence also plays a large role in the success of your career, social life, and family relationships. The Master You Emotions course aims to help you become more aware of when you are emotionally overcharged so that you can better control these emotions.

Know what triggers an emotional reaction!

Often it’s not just one thing that causes an emotional reaction in us but rather it’s our thoughts about the situation or event that causes us to react in this way. By learning what triggers an emotional reaction you’ll be able to recognize when this happens and create strategies for self-control accordingly. The Master Emotions course uses Cognitive Emotional Training (CET) which has been proven to be effective at reducing emotional distress and negative biases in thinking.

Become More Proactive Instead of Reactive with Our Course!

In life, there are often times when we feel that our emotions have got the better of us, whether it’s yelling at someone because you’re late for work or throwing a strop because your dinner didn’t turn out how you wanted. Master Emotions helps you take control over the way you react by taking a step back from whatever is going on and becoming more proactive instead of getting carried away with your initial emotions.

Our Course Improves Your Relationships with Others!

It’s no secret that emotional intelligence plays a big role in the quality of our relationships with other people. Emotions can spread like wildfire when you’re interacting with someone else and it doesn’t take much for them to get out of control. Mastering your Emotions Course helps you understand how your emotions affect those around you and give you tools to improve your relationship with anyone from partners, friends, family members, and co-workers.

Mastering Emotions Course

The Master Emotions course website has been designed by OfCourze to help you master your emotions through the power of Emotional Intelligence.

The Master Emotions course website offers video tutorials and tools that are designed to be used in conjunction with one another so that Emotional Intelligence can be applied to all areas of your life.

To learn more about Emotional Intelligence enroll in our Course.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the linguistic foundations of ALL emotions to take charge of how you interpret emotions to declare satisfaction and happiness in your life
  • Learn briefly about the B-E-L models used in Ontological Coaching
  • Learn briefly about the O-A-R models used in Ontological Coaching
  • Explore the difference between "moods" and "emotions" and how they can be beneficial in your life
  • Increase your ability to gain emotional stability by understanding the linguistic foundation of emotions
  • Learn "who" "what" and "when" helped to create that framework of belief for your unique observer
  • Learn to master emotions and take control of conversations
  • Discover the power of declarations to determine satisfaction in your conversations

Topics for this course

52 Lessons

Welcome To The Course!

“Thank You” And “Welcome” To This Course!00:03:02
My Personal Story About Emotional Intelligence And Emotion Mastery00:04:47
My Promise To You As A Coach And Instructor In This Course00:01:27
Two Frameworks Of Understanding – BEL and OAR Models00:04:24
Potential Hurdles / Limiting Beliefs That Can Prevent You From Learning00:03:53
[Activity] Congratulations & Action Steps00:02:34

Before You Begin – A Brief Introduction To Emotions

Getting To Know Yourself – Part 1 – Your Emotional Inheritances

Getting To Know Yourself – Part 2 – Moods And Their Influence

Bust A Move – Learning To Give Yourself A Break From Mental “Chatter”

Declarations And How To Bring Joy And Satisfaction Into Your Life 5 lectures • 19min

Approaching Resentment & Resignation With Lightness And Curiosity

Looking Ahead To Create A Satisfactory And Joyous “Hoped For” Future

Life Is Meant To Be Lived Joyously… Stepping Lightly And In Joy

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  • The invitation is to be gentle with yourself and be open to the learning
  • This course material can be easily watched within 4-5 hours BUT the invitation is to set aside a regular time for self-inquiry and self-reflection

Target Audience

  • This course is for anyone who wants to work with their emotions and gain a better understanding of them
  • This course is for motivated individuals who are willing to spend time in self-reflection and introspection and learn how to declare satisfaction and happiness in their life
  • If you want to experience the emotions of "joy", "contentment", "satisfaction" and more, this course may be for you
  • If you want to learn about how life coaching skills can help you to lead a fuller, more complete life, then this course may be for you