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Learn how to prioritize, organize, and optimize to make better use of your time.
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Organized Mind Course

Our self improvement courses will give you the tools to organize your mind to achieve success.

“Organized Mind: How To Use Systematic Approach to Achieve Success and Keep Your Thoughts Organized” is a self-development course meant for self improvement. It aims at teaching people how they can get organized mentally to improve their work and live their life in an organized way.

Everyone’s brain is naturally hardwired to be unorganized, but your brain also has the ability of self-organizing itself. This course teaches you how self-organization works and all about it so that you can use this process and change yourself to get organized and live a peaceful life. The approach we used in the course is very different from other courses on self-help that teach you self-organization.

This self-help course is useful for individuals, parents, teachers and all professionals who are involved in education. For students of high school, college or university level, writing an essay or report becomes very hard due to lack of organization within the brain – an organized mind will make this task easier.

For parents who want to set up a more organized life for their kids so that they can enjoy self development, this course will be helpful as it teaches everything needed to achieve success at home with organized mindset. It also helps teachers by teaching them how they can organize their class better using our new approach on self-organizing the brain. All professionals benefit from self-development books as they self-improve day by day, organized mind and self development course act as self improvement tools to achieve personal growth.

This course has useful content and videos that will teach you how to organize your mind for success . If you want to be organized and live a peaceful life, organized mind course is for you.


What Will I Learn?

  • The Modern Dilemma
  • Conquering Information Overload
  • Too Many Decisions - How to Reduce
  • Organizing Your Home - Get Ruthless
  • Designated Rooms
  • Staying on Top of Cleaning
  • Organizing Your Social Life
  • Prioritize - Forget Frenemies
  • Keeping a Calendar
  • Recognize Your Limits & Timing Your Tasks
  • Multitasking & Closing Open Loops
  • Be More Productive at Work
  • Removing Distractions
  • The Pomodoro Technique
  • Reducing Email & Communication Overhead
  • Managing Flexi-Time
  • How to Write Goals Properly
  • Limit Your Sources of Information
  • Pick Some New Hobbies
  • Meditation - Have Quiet Time
  • Value Your Time - Outsourcing
  • Being Vocal - Asking Friends for Help
  • Other Ways to be Vocal
  • Inside and Out - Health Habits
  • Eating for Energy
  • Clean, Sharp and Impressive
  • More Lifestyle Tips
  • A Day to Rearrange & Moving Forward
  • And Much More!

Topics for this course

10 Lessons59m

It starts with priorities

Get your priorities in order00:06:09

Settings goals

Put it on paper!


Get rid of clutter!

Digital organization

Travel organizing

Organizing grocery shopping

Organise with apps

Organise with web apps

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  • The desire to learn how to prioritize & organize your life