Successful Meditation- 10 Minutes For Rich Inner Journeys

Successful Meditation In As Little As 10 Minutes A Day - Learn The Vedic Frameworks Underpinning Rich Inner Journeys


Self-Development Meditation!

If you are looking for the answer to why should you meditate, and how do you actually get started? Then this course answers all of your concerns. Head to the below description and you’ll have everything to get you prepared for the meditation course.

What is Self-Development Meditation?

Self-development meditation is the practice of training the mind by focusing your attention on a particular object or state of mind. There are many different types of meditation that can be used to help with self-development. The following meditation techniques are just some examples:


  • When organizing self-improvement meditation sessions, it’s good to start small. Even just five minutes can be enough self-development meditation time in any one sitting.
  • Self-development meditations are often done seated on a chair or cushion with the spine straight, but you could practice self-improvement meditation lying down if needed.
  • If self improvement guided meditations are too complex at first, simply begin by observing the sensations of your breath for five minutes every day. Over time you might find it easier to progress onto self-development-guided mindful breathing sessions.

Some self-development meditation techniques are more advanced than others, so don’t become overwhelmed by this self improvement path. Just pick one technique and go with it for a few days to see how you get on!

If adding self-development meditation to your daily routine seems intimidating, then check out our self-development blog to get started!

Enjoy the Self-Development Meditation!

If self-development meditation seems daunting, be reassured that it really can help everyone who tries it—you don’t need to be an experienced self-development guru to enjoy the benefits of self improvement meditation. Don’t worry OfCourze has loads of free self-development meditation articles and self improvement meditation course to get you started.

How to Get Started with Meditation Course?

It is also helpful if self-development meditations are done in a quiet space where there is relative privacy too. A great way to incorporate self-development meditation into everyday life without having to spend much time on it is through self-improvement guided meditation courses that would only take 10 minutes or less—they’re perfect for busy people looking to transform their life! You may feel resistance initially when thinking about doing self-development meditation, but the payoff is immense.

About Our Meditation Course!

Maybe you want to start meditating because you want to be less reactive, feel less stressed, or be more focused. Or maybe you’re looking to improve your relationships with those around you. Whatever the reason, training the mind through our meditation course offers the potential to fundamentally transform your perspective on life.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn about the basic Vedic Frameworks that form the foundation of classical yoga and meditation.
  • Learn how "meditation" fits into classical yoga training.
  • Master the #1 skill for a successful meditation practice: attention!
  • Direct awareness consciously to notice thoughts and emotions.
  • Learn about the ideal meditation pose and how to adjust yourself to it.
  • Improve your Sanskrit vocabulary.

Topics for this course

59 Lessons

Successful Meditation – Introduction To This Course And What’s Expected From You

Introduction & Overview00:03:46
Course Outline00:03:11
Benefits of Meditation00:04:06
Warning! Action Is Required!00:01:45
Potential Hurdles00:02:24
My Mission & Philosophy00:10:41
Reflection & Enquiry00:04:30
Action Steps – Module 100:01:53

10 Minute Meditation – Establishing The Baseline

The Big Picture – Identifying The Vedic Frameworks

Setting Up Your Meditation Space – Physical & Mental Comfort And The 5 Elements

Guided Meditations And Visualizations

Resources & Supplementary Materials – Suggested Books, Worksheets, Vocabulary

[MP3] Supplementary Audio Resources

Conclusion & Next Steps

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  • Before starting, give yourself permission to be a beginner.
  • Allow yourself and your mind to be curious, explore and learn.
  • Come prepared to practice and apply the teachings.

Target Audience

  • Students who are looking for an alternative approach to meditation.
  • Yoga teachers and yoga practitioners who are interested in learning more about the Vedic Frameworks supporting their yoga and meditation practices.
  • Students who are curious about meditation and/or mindfulness.