Power of Positivity & Optimism- How to Put Stress to Rest!

Power of Positivity & Optimism- How to Put Stress to Rest

Psychological analysis has proven that if you want to assess the character of a person, inquire upon their personal opinions about someone else. This behavioural strategic attitude will provide you with an honest insight into their personal mindset.

“Their perspective of others, is merely a reflection of their own self”.

Optimism on the Rise:

Optimism is an approach where a person’s attitude is highly inclined towards positivity. The optimistic people filter out negativity and turn it into constructive criticism to make room for self-improvement. They look for the possibility to elevate changes within themselves and are always on the move. 

Identifying Stress Triggers

Pessimists are trained hard to believe that their every problem has to diminish on their own accord and all they have to do is sit back and lament about it. Pessimists just can’t seem to help their complaining attitude, which negatively influences their personal and social life 

Some of the few pessimist tendencies are:

Having too much time on one’s hands: 

The research suggests that people who are their self-being and are engaged in their lives tend to live a much happier life, as compared to those who have excessive spare time at their disposal.

Imaginary affliction: “What you believe, is what you will have”, if you expect the best, your aura will empower your surroundings to attain what you desire. However, don’t let your negative attitude overshadow a positive mindset. 

Personal Challenges: Even with all the aforementioned issues, one can never deny the impact of traumatic incidents on a person’s life. It could either be a family issue, health problems, or the loss of loved ones. As human beings, it is our moral duty to reach out to the suppressed and talk to them about their unuttered emotions, to help them release the clutches of anxiety and depression they held for so long.

Ways to Welcome Optimism: Self Analysis

Our conscious mind perceives this world, on the grounds of our five basic senses. Wonders of the world lie in our unconscious mind, and to tap into this magical part of the brain, one needs to be mindful and serene on both a spiritual and physical level. Meditation is a foothold to learn the art of gearing your train of thoughts at your command. Put brakes on your brain to turn down the negative chatter and accelerate positivity to achieve what you desire.

Self-analysis is a technique mastered by many but implemented by a few. Most often, people themselves can identify their personal triggers and realize their wrongful approach and behaviour on a certain matter, after losing their temperament. However, self-improvement is always pending on their side. 

Here are the few steps you could take to incorporate positivity and optimism in your life, and put stress to rest.

Positive resolution towards Problems

Once you have gotten to the root of the problem try to be always aware of your surroundings and be on the lookout for a proactive approach. Set up your defence against offence. Let it slide sometimes to avoid complicating the issues.

Bid Farewell to Fretting

In a time of crisis, it’s imperative not to lose yourself. A sound mind yields sound decisions. In a mentally challenging environment, it’s easy to lose track of mindful peace and be a victim of self-despair. However, if someone’s focus is on the issue rather than its consequences, it becomes easier to tackle it.

Opinion Oriented: Perspective from others

When overwhelmed with a dilemma, try to reach out to people that have an expert opinion on the matter and are aware of your situation. It always pays off to consult and cooperate mutually to address the prevailing issues.

Harness an Element of Humour

Find an element of humour in your troubles. It will become a  lot easier to deal with them. People with a streak of a comical aspect in their personality are more likely to adhere to challenges in their professional and personal lives. Problems seem less threatening when we adopt a light-hearted approach to cope with them.

Social Complications

It’s hard to be a part of something that is apparently out of your social and cultural capacities. Choose your words wisely, the people you spend your most time with are proportionate to your mental health and focus. Often we have encountered situations, where our words were taken and used out-of-context. The strategy is to take your time to get to know your new social environment first and then socialize later to avoid any misunderstandings. All of this can be attained with an optimistic approach while radiating positivity.

Be Enthusiastic: Don’t strain yourself 

If you are destined to change your lifestyle for the better. Always start small. Never target multiple habits at once otherwise it may seem like a tremendous burden on your shoulders. You will lag behind or leave your resolution altogether. Target one aspect to be changed and adopt a mindful and conscious approach to counter it.

Meditation: A Serene Solution

When in doubt, turn to meditation, because a peaceful and healthy mindset is always capable of making sound decisions. Meditation increases the flow of energy wavelength into your life and gets you on a positive spectrum. Meditation plays a persistent role by increasing focus and self-consciousness to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Meditation has proven to combat seasonal sickness, increase physical and mental immunity to combat pervasive challenges in our daily lives. 

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