Meditation For Gratitude: The Journey Towards Success

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Lack of gratitude is a serious problem in today’s time. It has several cons such as a decrease in happiness, reduced mental health, and minimized self-confidence. Moreover, it impacts the quality of relationships and increases the tendency toward mental illness e.g. depression and anxiety. According to the stats, 280 million individuals suffer from depression globally. It is an alarming statistic that calls for action. 

Meditation for gratitude is a kind of meditation that focuses on nurturing gratitude in life. Everyone wants abundance, happiness, confidence, and quality in relationships. Fortunately, gratitude meditation can help in this regard. Just like mindfulness meditation helps with training focus and concentration, gratitude meditation helps to see the goodness in life. 

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Gratitude Meditation: What is it?

According to Jack Kornfield, all the monks start their day with an exercise of gratitude. Moreover, native Americans initiate their events with gratitude to numerous things e.g. earth, sky, animals, and plants. In Tibetan tradition, monks and nuns even say thanks for all the pain and suffering that they endure. 

From the above, it can be concluded that meditation encourages gratitude without the boundaries of religion. Some experts recommend that the simplest way to meditate is to find out the good things in life. Some people might think that gratitude is shown only for the good things. From the point of view of Jack, it can be concluded that gratitude should be expressed for everything in life. Everything includes pain and suffering as well.  


Gratitude Meditation and its Several Benefits

Are you feeling interested in gratitude meditation now? Of course, the benefits are so compelling that anyone would like to incorporate them into their daily lives. For example, it results in:

  • Improved symptoms of depression: Research published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that gratitude intervention improved the symptoms of depression in participants and also increased their happiness levels. 
  • Increased overall well-being: We know through research that gratitude enhances overall well-being. Therefore, gratitude meditation also has the potential to increase the well-being of people. 
  • Enhanced tendency to trust people: Generally speaking, gratitude enables an individual to see the positive side of their life. Similarly, gratitude meditation helps people improve their lives and obtain success by seeing its bright side. In this way, it becomes easier for people to trust other individuals and form a strong connection with them. 
  • Better sleep quality: We know that gratitude meditation trains the individual for gratitude. Research has shown that gratitude decreases stress levels substantially. Consequently, gratitude meditation is extremely effective for boosting sleep quality. 
  • Increased quality in relationships: When individuals start appreciating the positive aspects of each other, relationship quality increases. In this way, they become more comfortable and express issues and concerns easily with each other. As a consequence, It decreases the communication gap between them and improves the quality of relationships. 

How Gratitude Meditation Prepares One for Success?

We know that gratitude meditation focuses on developing gratitude. In this way, it nurtures creativity, problem-solving skill, and personal confidence. It happens because gratitude enables individuals to see the positivity in their lives. For example, their strengths, skillset, and resilience. When one focuses on what they have and uses it to deal with their areas of improvement, it boosts self-esteem. 

Within a workplace context, it can be easily understood. For example, employees who are good at creative thinking can use the skill to enhance their problem-solving ability. In the long run, it will add value to the company. Therefore, they can create a path for long-term success

On a personal level, success can mean something different as compared to the professional aspect. It can mean overcoming internal obstacles for personal development. For example, people who suffer from severe social anxiety must take professional help. It will help them develop insights and overcome the issue. Ignoring the problem can hinder self-growth. Thus, it is imperative to work on such areas of improvement. 


Guided Meditation for Gratitude

According to Eckhart Tolle, one can open up spiritual domains of life through gratitude meditation. Following are the steps to follow to cultivate gratitude through meditation.

  1. Start by sitting in a comfortable position or lying down on the mat. The purpose is to keep the back straight. 
  2. Take a deep breath and focus on its natural flow of going in through the nose and coming out of the mouth. The flow is perfect for connecting a mantra with it i.e. positivity in and negativity out. 
  3. Now, notice your thoughts and feelings without judgment. Shift your focus to the bright side of your life. It means to recall all the good things that happened in the previous day or the last few days. Say thanks to everything and everyone that helped you become who you are. 
  4. Focus on the state of your health and show gratitude for it. Convey thanks that you have a strong immune system and no chronic illness. Be grateful that you have the means to maintain your health e.g. good quality food, medicine, and professional help. 
  5. Keep the meditation practice for 10-15 minutes and end the session by taking a deep breath with the above-mentioned affirmation. 


Final Thoughts

All in all, an attitude of gratitude is necessary for consistent and long-term success in life. Gratitude meditation has several benefits for individuals. For example, better mental health, an increase in well-being, more quality of sleep, and relationships. People who are skeptical about gratitude meditation, are missing out on obtaining several benefits. There are several courses offered by Ofcourze that can facilitate your journey towards success. 

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