Learn to Meditate With these 4 easy Morning Routines & Exercises

Meditation can help you in attaining inner peace (Successful Meditation-10 minutes )

Mornings can be hard some days, especially Monday mornings. It is because Monday mornings come with a reminder of responsibilities. The stress from such reminders can cloud the mind and inhibit progress. If the chain of negative thoughts is not interrupted, it can result in more problems (e.g. poor decision making and emotional dysregulation). 


Importance of Morning Meditation

Meditation exercises have the potential to influence your day positively and make your mornings easy. It happens because meditation exercises teach self-control. It means that they enable an individual to respond carefully to situations rather than constantly reacting to them. We know that meditation exercises are an excellent way to strengthen the connection between the mind and the body. Moreover, they can be practiced without the restrictions of time and space. People might be under the misconception that meditation exercises do not require consistency. It is far from the truth because long-term and permanent change require regular effort. Several other benefits of morning meditation are lower stress, better focus, and self-control. 

As per the research published in American Psychological Association (APA), it was found that less than 40% of the respondents excessively indulged in food and consumed more junk food because of high-stress levels. Furthermore, 46% of participants developed poor self-image because of it.

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What are the Benefits of Morning Meditation?

  • Reduces Stress: As mentioned above, the number of responsibilities in the morning can spike the stress hormone levels which can be disturbing. In such situations, morning meditation can help tackle stress efficiently. It happens in two ways- by breathing exercises and the development of a non-judgmental point of view.
  • Boosts productivity: it is obvious that meditation exercises boost productivity massively. When people can manage their stress levels and increase inner peace, they can focus on their work and set their priorities straight. It helps them perform better in their tasks.
  • Improves focus: Meditation exercises are widely known for this benefit. All types of meditation exercises encourage individuals to train their focus during the session. It seems impossible initially but becomes easier over time. 
  • Increases the sense of direction: Having a clear sense of direction in the morning is important to spend the day in the right direction. Even a ten-minute morning meditation session can do wonders.
  • Enhances happiness levels: A meditation session has the power to elevate mood. Loving-kindness meditation (LKM) is a great exercise to do every day that can enhance happiness. It happens because the practice encourages individuals to be kind to themselves and others. As a result, the practitioners can experience positive emotions often. 


Simple Morning Meditation Strategies to Start Your Day

Every meditator has a goal in mind so they should pick a meditation practice that is in accordance with their values, principles, and goals. The following meditation practices can be easily practiced in the morning. 

  • Breathing Exercise: A simple session of breathing exercise in the morning can be beneficial for calming the mind and the body. It is because the flow of breath impacts the diaphragm movement. The diaphragm movement directly impacts the release of the stress hormone called cortisol. The flow of breath brings a significant decrease in the stress hormone. Consequently, people feel prepared to deal with the challenges of the day.
  • Gratitude Meditation: It is a great way to start your day because gratitude meditation trains individuals to focus on the good things (what they have) in their life. Undoubtedly, it has the potential to brighten your day. 
  • Loving-kindness Meditation: We know that loving-kindness meditation enhances feelings of love and joy in people. Imagine starting your day with meditation and becoming a source of positive energy for oneself and others. Doesn’t it feel good? Of course, it does. 
  • Journaling: It is a useful way to clear your mind from racing thoughts. The use of hands and a writing tool strengthens hand-eye coordination. It de-stresses the writer efficiently. Therefore, journaling at the start of the day can be empowering. Research published in the Journal of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics found that writing therapy (also known as journaling) was a suitable alternative option for dealing with acute stress and PTSD. 


Five Simple Tips for (Guided) Morning Meditation

It is highly recommended for beginners to start their morning meditation habit by taking small steps every day. After some time, they can start building upon their base gradually. It is a sustainable approach that will keep them motivated for a long time. There is a suggestion that individuals should practice their morning meditation before consuming their cup of coffee or tea. It is because the dose of caffeine can decrease the effectiveness of the meditation session. 

  • Search for a comfortable place for the meditation session or create your own space. Keep in mind that it should be cozy and free from all distractions. You also have the option of using relaxing music in the background. 
  • Specify a time for your morning meditation practice and wear comfy clothes for the session. You can set an appointment on the calendar because it will help in being consistent. Additionally, wearing comfortable clothes is important, or else they can hinder the purpose of meditation exercise altogether. 
  • Before starting your meditation practice, take a few warm-up breaths to prepare the mind and body for the session. 
  • For Focused Attention Meditation (FAM), try to use an object which is not distracting to you.  If you do not find any physical thing, you can focus on the flow of your breath. 
  • Bear in mind that it is okay if you are not able to focus at first and unpleasant thoughts and feelings disturb you. In such situations, do your best to bring back your attention gently. 

Note: It is very important that you remain gentle with yourself. It is an excellent way to develop gratitude and self-compassion. 

Final Remarks

Morning Meditation is an effective way to tackle stressful mornings and stay energized for the whole day. It not only makes duties easy to perform but also keeps the mood stable. Other benefits of morning meditation are clarity in the sense of direction and more optimism. There are courses accessible on the online platform of ofcourze that can facilitate people in learning meditation.  

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