How Guided Meditation Can Help You Channel Your Positive Energy

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In accordance with the 2017 statistics mentioned in APA, the number one source of stress is about the future of the nation (63%), then comes money (62%) and work (61%) down the list. When one pays close attention, it can be seen that the future of the nation is something out of one’s control and people still worry about it. It is a kind of worry which is exhausting and unproductive. As a result, people experience a change in their energy i.e. it becomes negative. It has critical consequences for any individual for instance, low productivity, low energy, and poor decision making. 


What is Guided Meditation for Positive Energy?

Guided meditation means that the person follows the instructions of a teacher throughout a meditation session. The meditation can be of any type: Loving-kindness meditation, mindfulness, and mantra. Furthermore, there are vipassana meditation and yoga. Of course, the user will be instructed only in the type of meditation that they chose. Focusing on mindfulness meditation has great prospects to help any individual channel their energy positively. According to the research published by Cambridge University Press, it was found that mindfulness meditation significantly improved the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. The respondents were asked to fill some self-report questionnaires before and after the meditation intervention. Furthermore, they were required to complete only a ten-week long meditation intervention program. Hence, mindfulness meditation effectively changed their negative feelings with positive ones. 

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Positive energy is regarded as attributes that are beneficial and encouraging which leads to productivity. For instance, optimism, enthusiasm, happy feelings, gratitude, and encouragement are all aspects of positive energy. 


Importance of Guided Meditation

The significance of guided meditation becomes obvious as it creates a sense of peace and calm, better emotional health, and an effective immune response. Moreover, it creates a strong sense of community by connecting like-minded people. It is all because meditation improves self-awareness and encourages a non-judgmental mindset. 


Benefits of Guided Meditation: Emotional Aspect

It helps reduce stress effectively, increases self-confidence and personal awareness, and boosts kindness and empathy within. According to the research published in NCBI, it was concluded that mindfulness meditation not only improved psychological health but also emotional well-being and behavioral regulation. Hence, mindfulness-guided meditation impacts emotional well-being greatly. 


What are Different Types of Guided Meditation?

Different types of meditation that are popular nowadays are:

  • Mantra Guided Meditation: When we break down the word mantra into man-tra, man means “mind” and tra means “releasing something”. So, the user repeats a phrase several times to relax and be calm. The majority of people stick with mantra meditation because of its enormous benefits such as
      • Enhanced self-awareness
      • Lowered stress levels
      • Boosted inner peace
      • More self-compassion
      • Improved mindset
  • Qigong Meditation: It is an old Chinese meditation practice that involves breathing and physical movement. The purpose behind it is to boost health holistically. Other benefits include better bodily balance, lesser stress and anxiety, and better focus.
  • Yoga Meditation: Yoga meditation has been known to improve the connection between mind, body, and spirit effectively. In addition to this, yoga exercises benefit any individual by improving flexibility, physical stamina, and focus. It also shapes the body, decreases chronic pain, and lowers blood pressure. 
  • Tai Chi meditation: Just like Qigong meditation, Tai Chi meditation also originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine practices. Its uniqueness is that it involves slow physical movements paired with deep breathing. Moreover, there are different varieties of it that have a different focus. Some focus on its martial arts aspect whereas others focus on physical and spiritual health.

Benefits of Guided Meditation: Physical and Mental Aspects

If somebody is going through physical and mental health issues, they can benefit greatly from guided meditation. Meditation programs have been shown to benefit the body and the mind in various ways. Multiple types of scientific research have supported its benefits but some experts disagree and practice extreme caution while drawing any conclusions. Nevertheless, meditation exercises have been shown to improve the symptoms of anxiety, asthma, and cancer. Furthermore, it improves chronic pain, depression, and heart disease. There is also research evidence that shows betterment in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), insomnia, and headache. 


Simple Instructions for Guided Meditation For Positive Energy

The following instructions are simple steps that anyone can follow to turn their negative energies into positive ones. 

  1. Choose a comfortable position for the meditation and keep the back upright or lie down on the floor. 
  2. Keep in mind that you should wear casual and comfortable clothing or it can defeat the purpose of the exercise. 
  3. Now pay attention to your tensed muscles and the flow of breath. 
  4. Take a deep breath and monitor the breath going in through the nose and coming out of the mouth. Also, pay attention to the movement of the diaphragm.
  5. Take a deep breath again and now pay attention to the thoughts and feelings within. Do not try to change them or resist them but just observe.
  6. After some time, you will experience relaxation. If there are any negative feelings or heavy thoughts, they will be replaced by calm and composure. It is because there is a common belief in the mental health professional community that relaxation and tension cannot be in one place. Similarly, one can conclude that positive energy and negative energy cannot stay in the same place. Hence, they will be able to empower you to channel your negativity into positivity. 


Final Thoughts

Meditation encourages one to let go of internal obstacles for the sake of personal development, relaxation, and self-awareness. Numerous benefits of guided meditation include a boost in self-esteem, stress reduction, and stronger relationships. In addition to this, meditation improves physical health by speeding up the healing process. For further self-improvement, there are online courses available that can significantly help.

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